ribbon sailcloth canvas tents

Sailcloth & Canvas Tents

Sailcloth tents are made of a lighter weight, and translucent fabric, they have rounded ends and usually have natural wood poles. In the daytime, they require no additional lighting due to their translucency, and at night they glow from lighting in the tent. They can be fully enclosed, although that does take more effort than more traditional tent designs.

We also offer a line of true canvas tents which are similar to sailcloth tents yet they do have their own aesthetic. The cotton fabric is flame retardant, as are all of our tents and decorative fabrics.

Loane Brothers has an ever increasing inventory of tents in all sizes and designs. Our different styles each hold their own and unique advantages and flavor. Our experienced sales staff can meet you at the event location to measure and go over plans. We at Loane Brothers can help recommend the proper tent for any occasion. Call 1-800-822-1815 or contact us.